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[DeleGate-En] 7.8.1 as W2K service: Performance, restart etc
31 Jan 2002 11:57:17 GMT "Sebastian Stache \(inet/nyv\)" <>


When running DeleGate/7.8.1 on W2K as a service I'm experiencing some

1) When several clients (ie more than 10) are served be DeleGate, the
delegate processes on the W2K server make a very heavy foot-print on the
processor. Since services are difficult to start with lower priority
externally, perhaps a parameter resembling the unix nice should be
considered (translating into SetThreadPriority or the process equivalent).
Running DeleGate in the foreground with Low or BelowNormal priority yields a
much better balance between DeleGate and other server functions.

2) Using CRON -restart when running as a service seems to terminate the
service unexpectedly, without restarting. The W2K system event log reports
event ID 7031: The DeleGate Server -P8080 service terminated unexpectedly.

3) Running delegate -kill -P8080 from the command prompt using DeleGate as a
service stops the service, but also removes (or at least disables) the
service. Using -hup does not seem to work under W2K att all.

4) Occasionally (twice a day in my environment with 50 simultanous users)
W2K terminates the main process of DeleGate. A pop-up windows states
"Delegate has performed an illegal instruction. Click OK to close the
application". No information is logged by DeleGate.

Thanks for a superb program!

Best regards
Sebastian Stache, Sweden

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