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[DeleGate-En] Delegate 7.8.1 on W2k occasional DNS problems
24 Jan 2002 09:27:41 GMT "Ferenc Toth" <>


We've recently upgraded our proxy server to W2k+SP2 from NT4. Delegate
7.8.1 seems to be runing fine except for one problem. We occasionally
get a "FATAL RecvFrom(9) = -1, errno=0" in the dns log. I've traced
back the logfiles and the problem first occured after the W2k upgrade.
We did not have any such entries while running NT4 so I'm pretty sure
that this thing has to do with the upgrade.
The command to create the delegate dns service is:

delegate.exe -P53 PERMIT="*:*:192.168.*" SERVER=dns  RESOLV=cache,sys
LOGDIR=logs/[date+%%d] CACHE=do

Now I've changed RESOLV to dns,cache,sys (at the time when I've
installed delegate for the first time I had some trouble with the
RESOLV=dns that's why I've dropped it). I'll need a day or two to
verify if this solves the problem. Meanwhile can you suggest anything I
should try? Maybe is there a way to get a little bit more detailed
error message for that FATAL RecvFrom ...?

Thanks for you help.

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