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[DeleGate-En] Couple of problems with installation
23 Jan 2002 16:58:24 GMT David Kirby <>

I've installed Delegate on an x86 dual processor server running RedHat

I'm runnning two instances of delegate.  One as an HTTP proxy and one as a
SOCKS proxy.

Everything is working fine for regular HTTP, FTP, SOCKS, etc. but I have
two areas that I'm having difficulties resolving.

The first is an issue with SOCKS.  I am using the SOCKS instance primarily
for Yahoo! Messenger, and am experiencing what appears to be random
termination of sessions (logged off of YM, somtimes causing YM to crash). 
I can't seem to find any parameters that would affect this behavior.  Has
anyone else experienced this and/or fixed it?

Second, I'm not able to use either the HTTP or SOCKS instance for audio
streaming for anything but Windows Player.  I use WinAmp, RealAudio, as
well as other applications, but nothing other than Windows Player appears
to work properly over delegate.

If you have any solutions or advice for these issues, please reply to:

"I do not fear computers.  I fear lack of them."  -Isaac Asimov
"What goes up must come down.  Ask any system administrator."  -Anonymous

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