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HTTPS -> HTTP -> virus-checking ->HTTP -> HTTPS
  01/23-21:41 . 1500 (Yutaka Sato) [89]
___ Hi, Sorry but I could not understand what worked fine with what configuration parameters. Did you succeed to proxy HTTPS in configuraion like above? Does the "Viruscheck Proxy" work for "CONNECT" me
Couple of problems with installation
  01/24-01:58 . 1501  David Kirby <> [31]
___ I've installed Delegate on an x86 dual processor server running RedHat 7.2. I'm runnning two instances of delegate. One as an HTTP proxy and one as a SOCKS proxy. Everything is working fine for regu
Delegate 7.8.1 on W2k occasional DNS problems
  01/24-18:27 . 1502  "Ferenc Toth" <> [23]
___ Hi, We've recently upgraded our proxy server to W2k+SP2 from NT4. Delegate 7.8.1 seems to be runing fine except for one problem. We occasionally get a "FATAL RecvFrom(9) = -1, errno=0" in the dns lo
  01/24-20:48 . 1503 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
___ Hi, To tell the truth, I'm not sure if it is FATAL or not. I inserted the "FATAL" message (and sleep() before next recv()) at DeleGate/7.2.0 when I noticed that DNS DeleGate falls into infinite loop
  01/25-03:28 . 1504  "Ferenc Toth" <> [31]
___ It's not really fatal but sometime it takes a long time for the system to recover and it's really annoying to just wait for the service to recover :(. The sleep(10) helps in some cases but I've seen
  01/25-03:29 . 1505  "Ferenc Toth" <> [67]
___ [...] One more thing. I've noticed that the RecvFrom errors are logged right after some busy time. So if delegate services multiple queries in a very short time, a RecvFrom error will follow. Don't
  01/25-03:29 . 1506  "Ferenc Toth" <> [43]
___ ty. Some more investigation revealed that the sequence of the events are the followings: o there is a DNS query that takes unusally long time to complete (from 1.5s to 22s!) (we've a 256kbit permane
  01/25-21:58 . 1507  "Ferenc Toth" <> [22]
___ Looks like, I've got it. We had some misconfigured services asking stupid invalid DNS queries from the ISP, also the user activity has risen since we upgraded from 128kbit to 256kbit recently. I've
  01/25-22:36 . 1508 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
___ Hi, Thank you for your so helpful informations (from Hungary?) I'm reminded that I did see the infinite loop was caused on such contiguous requests from specific clients. But I could not reproduce i
  01/25-23:10 . 1509  "Ferenc Toth" <> [54]
___ Yes. Valid according to the RFCs and invalid in the sense that no-one could ever resolv them :). We've had two types of such queries: - misconfigured exim. On Debian woody, exim is compiled with ipv
Fw: Can I do it?
  01/26-02:19 . 1510  "Matteo Ricchetti" <> [45]
___ Hi, Can I do it: Via Delegate, connect always to host1, if fails, connect to host2 automatically. Thanks.
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