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[DeleGate-En] SSL Session Caching
12 Jan 2002 16:00:03 GMT "Uzoka, Afam" <>


Im using your product as a means of replacing our inhouse built java ssl
proxy  and Apache mod_ssl/mod_proxy.  Delegate is a fantastic product so
please for the sake of the many who rely on it keep up the good work.  

Im not  a programmer however ive looked at the sslway.c file and noticed to
my delight several ssl logging options.  This is obviously very useful to


*	is it possible to have logging similar to the logging found when
using openssl's s_client utility.  

*	have logging sent to is own logging file.

*	will sslway support ssl session caching in the future.  

I might be asking for much here but to really be scalable in the enviroment
that we will use it for the above could really bolster my arguments for
using it.  You see i work for the UK biggest satalie TV firms.  

Many thanks

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