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[DeleGate-En] help with code
04 Nov 1998 12:42:24 GMT GEMMA CLIMENT PIGUILLEM <>


I'm studying computer science in Barcelona (Spain) and I'm developing my
final work (of the career) about security in communications between a typical
browser and a linux server. After studying several options, I decided to 
make a proxy which encrypts all data transactions (with a specific server)
using the SSL protocol.

Surfing the web I've found DeleGate. I've spent several days studying it and 
I've realized that it overcomes my goals, but I'm sure that it could make 
easier my work. However it's very hard for me finding out how it works
without knowing how the programms are put together, I mean... without
knowing the internal structure of code or which is the internal order of
programm calls.

I know that it's "away" from your work but... if you have some free time...

thanks for any "light" on it!!!!


Facultat Informatica Barcelona	         e-mail:
(UPC - Spain)						     Nov 4, 1998

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