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[DeleGate-En] Re: setting up pop proxy
23 Oct 1998 03:17:42 GMT Charlie Root <>

I have tried what you have suggested about the username, but it does not

I will clearly explain my situation.

I am using Netscape Mail and Micrsoft Outlook clients on an internal lan
network . I have a proxy server running delegated which is a
dual-homed host to which these client will go. It has address
looking internally  and  XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX looking externally to the big
wide internet with no routing in between. I want to reach a pop server,
named ""  and I have a pop account/user named "inge" on
that  server. I don't have a local name server running so that the proxy
server resolves the names.

On the proxy server I have  run the command delegated -P110 SERVER=pop.

On the clients I have configured the popsever option in Outlook, and
Netscape mail client to point to the server (the delgated
proxy). I have tried pointing to the external "" server,
but this clearly does not work.

For the account configuration, the entry which is usually required (when
the clients are on the open internet with no proxy) for the 'username'
field  on netscape and 'account name' name field  on Outlook, is the
'inge' or username without the part of the email

When the delegated proxy is used I have tried entering many things. I
have ented plain 'inge', I have entered 'inge@external..' and I
have entered '//' in the way specified in the
manuals as I understood it, but this does not work either.

I am not sure what to try next. The manual.txt does not really help,
because the explanation is not clear because it is too terse.

Can you see what my problems are given this information?

I don't have a pop3 server runing on the proxy. So there should be no

the http proxy works fine by the way.

Thanks for your help.

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