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[DeleGate-En] Fw: Ftp CWD
19 Oct 1998 12:22:37 GMT "Piero Berritta" <>

-----Original Message-----
From: Piero Berritta <>
To: delegate mail list <>
Date: Monday, October 19, 1998 1:49 PM
Subject: Ftp CWD

>Hi Yutaka,
>thanks for help.
>There is a problem:
>SERVER=ftp MOUNT="/* ftp://user:pass@server/*"
>I can get inside without giving user and pass but when I try to change
>directory, delegate restarts the connection each time. In other words it is
>not possible to change directory (CWD command).
>How can I fix it ?

Hi Yutaka,
I'm sorry.
I  forgot to use the '*' as last character of the MOUNT option.
The CD command woks but it reinitialize the connection with server ftp. when
I try a GET, delegate fails saying:

200 PORT command successful [translated to PASV by DeleGate].
550 ;-< Proxy failed to connect with `user'

where 'user' is taken from user in Mount option:

SERVER=ftp MOUNT="/* ftp://user:pass@server/*"

Thanks for any help


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