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delegate and dialup (DELAY)
  08/23-20:28 . 1301  Thomas Bott <> [63]
  Hi again! Our network consists of an gateway-server running several delegate proxies and an internal intranet.-server running bind-xxx. For security issues the gateway-server contacts the internal d
About Band-Wide
  08/24-02:37 . 1302  =?iso-8859-1?B?Sm9z6SBMLlIuIE1vcuFuIE0u?= <> [36]
  I have a question: In Delegate is possible an access control through Band-Wide or similar? ~~~ Jos L.R. Mor疣 M.
openssl + sslway
  08/24-09:17 . 1303 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
  I tested it on my RedHat7.1 with openSSL0.9.6b, but fortunately or unfortunately, I could not reproduce the problem. I did make it with SSL libraries placed at the default location. DeleGate/filters
delegate behavior
  08/24-16:21 . 1304 (Yutaka Sato) [74]
  Hi, I tested the page from my site to see it took about 10 seconds before all of images are loaded but I'm not sure how it is slow. The enclosed log shows how images are downloaded. So far, I've not
  08/25-05:45 . 1305  Dennis <> [20]
  So with MSIE5 if you click on "Contacts" before the page has finished loading, does anything strange happen? We are seeing different behavior between MSIE5 and Netscape. With MSIE5, the browser seem
  08/25-08:28 . 1306 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
  I could not notice anything strange to happen, both MSIE and Netscape displayed the page "contacts.asp". Tell me please how it is confused. Is the problem occurs with any MSIEs around you? Cheers, Y
A configuration question
  08/26-08:25 . 1307  System Administrator <> [30]
  Hi, I was wondering about which is the best way to solve a common problem. The situation is as follows: I have got two organisations - ORG1 and ORG2 ,both running the DeleGate as a HTTP proxies. Bot
  08/26-10:57 . 1308 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  I understand you are asking about "source routing" control by DeleGate. DeleGate provides two ways to control chaining HTTP proxies based on source IP address of clients, using ROUTE or CONNECT+PROX
DeleGate/7.5.1 -- fixed MOUNT for HTTP/1.1
  08/27-14:59 . 1309 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.5.1.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Aug 27 13:35 JST 2001 TAR-SIZ
search rpm
  08/27-22:58 . 1310  Mikael Paul <> [7]
  hello have you a rpm of delegate v7.5.1 for redhat 6.2 ? Thanks for your response mikael
A Question..
  08/30-05:18 . 1311  =?iso-8859-1?B?Sm9z6SBMLlIuIE1vcuFuIE0u?= <> [91]
  Hi every body. I have a question.. How I can limit Outgoing and Incoming Bandwidth in Delegate? I want more Bandwidth for a group of PCs and less Bandwith for another group, is it possible? I use: S
DeleGate/7.5.2 -- fixed HTTP and LDAP
  08/31-05:40 . 1312 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.5.2.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Aug 31 01:55 JST 2001 TAR-SIZ
delegated 7.3.5 Rethat 7.0
  08/31-14:35 . 1313  "Causin, Georg-Wilhelm" <> [55]
  Hi, I found delegate and it works perfectly. I use it as an SSL tunnel for unsecure FTP clients connected to unsecure FTP servers. Invocation on server site: $DGPATH/src/delegated -P8021 FCL="$DGPAT
  08/31-15:00 . 1314 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
  Hi, On 08/31/01(14:35) you "Causin, Georg-Wilhelm" <> wrote in <_A1313@delegate-en.ML_> "No permission" shows that the client is not permitted to access your
delegate behavior
  08/31-16:18 . 1315  Dennis <> [38]
  I cannot reproduce the problem because I have broadband access at home and work. The problem happens with several people who have dial-up internet accounts. While the page is loading they start clic
  09/03-06:08 . 1316 (Yutaka Sato) [8]
  Just a test for mail routing. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) _< >_
  09/06-18:04 . 1317  Michinori NAGANO <> [12]
  DeleGate 5.9.6 以前のバージョンには、"buffer overflow" という不具合があり、 そこねらって、リモートから任意のコードを DeleGate 実行権限で実行させる事が 可能になるという問題が指摘されている. 指摘者の
  09/06-18:26 . 1318  "anand" <> [45]
  Sir, I am using delegate version 7.3 as my proxy on Linux ( Mandrake 7.1 ). When I try to play song using real player on a local network it is giving an error message. How to solve this problem. Tha
WAP & Delegate
  09/07-01:22 . 1319  "Humberto Patarroyo Osorio" <> [695]
  First I must say (all us), that delegate is realy a wonderfull product. Thank you MR Sato, for all the work that you have done on this Great Program. Actually i develop a WAP Aplication over a CDPD
Delegate and DNS
  09/13-03:33 . 1320  Julian Harris <> [71]
  Hi there everyone... I have a basic question that I can't find the answer to in the delegate archives (mainly because the weird feedback site has no concept of threading that I can see so I can neve
  09/13-06:09 . 1321 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Sorry but I could not understand, firstly, why you need a DeleGate server for DNS. In most situations, proper DNS (resolution) environment is given in a (Windows) system configuration. Thus DeleGate
MSN Messenger problems
  09/13-06:15 . 1322  Julian Harris <> [25]
  Hi all, I can't seem to connect using MSN Messenger using Delegate as a proxy. Anyone have any example settings that work for them? This is under an NT machine the little ad panel connects ok, and i
Delegate and DNS
  09/13-08:15 . 1323  Julian Harris <> [66]
  Thanks for such a prompt response Yutaka! My question then becomes very basic -- to resolve a domain name, doesn't a client in a private network need a DNS proxy to resolve the names? cheers, Julian
nntp posting limit?
  09/16-07:25 . 1324  Martin Loeffler <> [68]
  Hi, I am experiencing a curious problem. Messages above a certain size cannot be posted through delegate, when delegate is acting as an nntp proxy. I am using version 7.5.0, on Suse linux, version 7
  09/16-22:20 . 1325 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
  Hi, Sorry but I have no idea why your DeleGate hangs, and could not reproduce the problem with a DeleGate on my host. Could you tell me followings? - what was the leading (header) part of your test
  09/17-00:58 . 1326  "Mr. Sharkey" <> [195]
  From: test@test.. Newsgroups: alt.test Subject: test Date: Sunday, 16-Sep-01 14:11:05 EST Followup-To: alt.test Expires: Saturday, 1-Jan-02 00:00:00 EST Date-Received: Sunday, 16-Sep-01 14:52:10 EST
  09/17-02:26 . 1327 (Yutaka Sato) [51]
  Hi, It looks like so but there is no such limitation and NNTP-DeleGate has been used for many years without such problem, at least used with INN news server. Could you tell me what your NNTP server
  09/17-02:34 . 1328 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  Another possible reason is "NNTP-connecion-cache" is doing something wrong. NNTPCONF=nntpcc:0 will disable the function. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
  09/17-04:41 . 1329  "Mr. Sharkey" <> [269]
  Just tried this, and no luck, but I've left it on for the rest of the tests. Ok, this is wht is recorded - It's worthwhile to note that after the final '.^M', nothing I type is transmitted (at least
  09/17-05:24 . 1330 (Yutaka Sato) [80]
  Thank you. I've become confident that the cause of the problem is because the server does not respond at the end of POSTed data. It is normal because the DeleGate is waiting the response from the se
  09/17-08:12 . 1331  Martin Loeffler <> [175]
  Ok - the same thing happened; it just locked. To be sure I understood you correctly, you wanted me to send the entire body of the message as one long string, then a '.' on a line by itself afterward
  09/17-09:38 . 1332 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
  I wish to test whether or not the same POSTing blocks when it is done via DeleGate while succeeding when it is done directly. I thought a possible difference between them is that, the "." line is se
  09/17-10:20 . 1333  Martin Loeffler <> [31]
  Hm. It's working now. Must have been a server issue - sorry about that. Very strange. Anyhow, I tried it with the patch, and there's no change. Martin.
  09/17-10:27 . 1334 (Yutaka Sato) [15]
  Hmm... Then what will happen if you replace the parameter SERVER=nntp://server with SERVER=tcprelay://server:119 ? Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
  09/17-10:57 . 1335  Martin Loeffler <> [25]
  Ha ha! I just took a break to go jogging and I thought the very same thing :) Let's try it! Hey, perfection! I can post articles of pretty much arbitrary size. Many thanks for all of your time and t
Great business & scientific charts for your reports & your website
  09/19-16:45 . 1336  "" <> [450]
  GraPL & GraPL.NET Great business & scientific charts have never been so easy Have you ever wanted to produce a chart for a report, presentation, or website, and found that the tools you had were har
Delegate and DNS
  09/20-17:06 . 1337 (Yutaka Sato) [25]
  Generally the necessity of name resolution capability, including DNS, by a client depends on the protocol and implementation of the client and is independent of whether or not the client sits in pri
caching of error pages
  09/24-03:22 . 1338  "Alexander Wittig" <> [14]
  Hi I'm using delegate on a computer with a dial up connection. Sometimes a request is sent to delegate while there is no internet connection yet. Delegate then displays its error message (... <serve
  09/24-07:29 . 1339 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
  DeleGate does not cache error messages. Possibly the messages is caused by the cache for host name resolution (usually by DNS) where each result of resolution, success or failure (or unknown), is ca
Trouble with ftp server
  09/25-19:25 . 1340  "Dmitriy Y. Repin" <> [27]
  Hello, Yutaka. I have two question. For my FTP proxy ( have follow config: LIBPATH=.:/root:/usr/delegate7.5.2/lib:/usr/delegate7.5.2/src SERVER=ftp PERMIT=ftp:*:194.8.184.[2
Follow-up on Security link and offer for free News Service
  09/26-04:48 . 1341  "Michelle Stanton" <> [59]
  Dear Content Editor/Webmaster, Hi, I had contacted you back in August, wondering if you might be interested in a link exchange between ITtoolbox Security and your site, I also wanted t
Trouble with ftp server
  09/26-17:51 . 1342 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Your FTP proxy by DeleGate (with SERVER=ftp) works as a proxy devoted for FTP clients which talk FTP protocol with (proxy) servers. You need HTTP proxy (can be by DeleGate with SERVER=http) for brow
DeleGate/7.5.3 -- fixed HTTP, MOUNT, etc.
  09/27-15:38 . 1343 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.5.3.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Sep 27 14:04 JST 2001 TAR-SIZ
Problem with FFROMCL
  09/27-18:30 . 1344  Carlo Grazioli <> [40]
  Hi ! I'm not able to realize a filter (using CFI) blocking some specifc request from client to server. I'm using Delegate 7.5.2. I would like filter some commands that client may execute ( like ping
Help me
  09/27-23:42 . 1345  "Penny Soo, Ms." <> [22]
  Dear Yutaka Sato, I am using your server in my company, and I have been asked to limit the number of simultaneous connections, by providing an error message on the browser of the user that has excee
Problem with SSL to non-SSL browsing
  09/28-23:35 . 1346  "Larry Kelly" <> [28]
  Dear Yutaka Sato, First, I'd like to say thanks on an excellent program. I can only imagine the amount of work that has went into it. I am running into a problem - and I'm not sure what might be goi
Delegate and DNS
  09/30-00:17 . 1347  Julian Harris <> [23]
  Hi Yukata... one very basic question... how do I configure Delegate to work with Eudora? I tried running separate POP3 and SMTP processes on the standard ports as instructed by Eudora but still it d
Problem with SSL to non-SSL browsing
  09/30-14:45 . 1348 (Yutaka Sato) [52]
  In general, it is difficult for me to imagine what was wrong around you without knowing what you did (parameters) and what you got (in logfile). But in this case, I could imagine that you invoked yo
Delegate and DNS
  09/30-18:09 . 1349 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
  Hi, My very basic question: How did you configured your DeleGate and what is recorded in the logfile of the DeleGate? Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
  09/30-20:00 . 1350  Julian Harris <> [60]
  This is what I'm not clear on... the manual isn't clear IMHO on exactly -how- to configure the SMTP and POP3 gateways. Unfortunately I don't know a lot about how to configure proxies in general and
  10/11-15:07 . 1351  Julian Harris <> [26]
  Hi Yutaka, I have another question... I'm trying to do some small tweaks to the Delegate proxy to filter out unwanted ads etc. I have a few bugs that I'm having difficulty tracking down and was wond
POP Proxy Servers:
  10/11-15:07 . 1352  Bill Baxter <> [22]
  Hi Yutaka, Can you please help me? I have been trying to configure my Email client to send and receive Email through a POP proxy but when I put an HTTP proxy addresss like the ones in my browser the
  10/11-15:11 . 1353  =?iso-8859-1?q?Kenny=20Lau?= <> [22]
  Hi, I'm new to Delegate, would you mind help me to configure my Delegate to meet below requirement ? I have a web server ( running on internal segment and some external users want to acce
DeleGate/7.5.4 -- fixed CFI, etc.
  10/11-15:13 . 1354 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.5.4.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Oct 11 14:24 JST 2001 TAR-SIZ
Delegate and DNS
  10/11-15:27 . 1355 (Yutaka Sato) [22]
  Hi, I've used NMAKE.EXE and CL.EXE of VC++ just as programs for complilation, but I've never utilized VC++ as "Developer Studio" :-) Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> http://www.d
Connection Timed Out
  10/12-01:40 . 1356 [26]
  Hello, I want to download your proxy server, but you site is very slowly conncted to germany. Can you say me other sites with download options ? Thanks, regards Sven K ___ ZDF Sven Kirsten CC DV-Bet
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-03:15 . 1357 [43]
  Hello Yukata, Thanks for this great and powerfull product. I have problem with my delegate HTTP proxy server when I try to access ftp server with authentication different than anonymous. My problem
Connection Timed Out
  10/12-03:49 . 1358 (Yutaka Sato) [33]
  The FTP server ( == is connected by fast 150Mbps line to a network (IMnet, for national research institutes) which has its own wide national/international ba
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-04:30 . 1359 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  I think it's a usual and normal response when a non-existent file is retrieved. A directory page generated by FTP/HTTP-DeleGate can be cached thus it may include files which does not exist already.
DeleGate as anonymous proxy
  10/12-15:39 . 1360  "Dmitriy Y. Repin" <> [18]
  Dear Yutaka! I have come into collision. According to security policy of our organization Cisco router filtered all packets passing through itself and gating only packets is not containing real IP a
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-18:35 . 1361 [101] a 馗rit : Yukata, Yes I am sure files I tried to download exist. I have retried with the detail logs enabled and I obtained : 10/12 10:54:42.03 [2355] 4+1: ConnectToServer conn
AW: [DeleGate-En] Connection Timed Out
  10/12-20:35 . 1362 [61]
  Hello, thank you for your response, I've downloaded your proxy server over Thats gone. It's true there is a firewall which prevents incomming connection so t
Proxy HTTP problem with authenticated data FTP connection
  10/12-22:36 . 1363 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Hi, Maybe it is because the file is accessed with URL "ftp://user@yoursite../html/index_v2.htm" which must be accessesd as "ftp://user@yoursite../index_v2.htm". Does the URL is given by hand or gene
  10/13-01:12 . 1364 [129] a 馗rit : Hi, I am using ie5.5 with delegate as the proxy ftp server. I request index_v2.htm through browsing the ftp server, and delegate returns "ftp://user@yoursite../index_
  10/14-23:56 . 1365 (Yutaka Sato) [79]
  Could you show me the detailed log of DeleGate on the access? I expected it would be like enclosed one but it was not in your case. Normally, the current directory at the start, or the login directo
  10/16-18:53 . 1366 [162]
  Hello Yukata, Here are all my logs when trying to retrieve the file index_v9.htm. From 8021.http log file : pc4243 - - [16/Oct/2001:11:22:16 +0100] "GET ftp://user:passwd@mysite/html/index_v9.htm HT
  10/16-19:18 . 1367 (Yutaka Sato) [44]
  Sorry but this is not what I asked. It was clear what will happen if the file is named with "/html/index_v9.htm". The problem is that who names the file so. And what I asked is about another mystery
  10/16-19:44 . 1368 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  ftp://server/path/file must be interpreted as a relative path, by definition in RFC1738. <URL:>(Uniform Resource Locators (URL)) If you need to specify an absolute
  10/16-19:54 . 1369 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  ftp://server/path/file must be interpreted as a relative path, by definition in RFC1738. <URL:>(Uniform Resource Locators (URL)) If you need to specify an absolute
  10/16-21:50 . 1370 [54]
  Yukata, I don't know why MSIE requests an absolute path and don't follow the RFC ! Note that this problem does not appear with Squid... Nevertheless, I will deploy delegate so if you had some times
  10/17-16:55 . 1371 [78]
  Hi Yukata, I have just set up delegate for exploitation today. I would like to know if you expect to fix one day that FTP relative path issue to be compatible with all ftp client (MSIE), or do you t
Yahoo Japan が見えません。
  10/19-18:11 . 1372 (ASH) [18]
  はじめまして,平山といいます. Opera 5.11 で日本語を表示するために,Delegate/7.5.3 を 使わせて頂いております. (日本語文字コード変換サーバー として利用させて頂いています) ところが,Yahoo Japan 等のページ
DeleGate/7.6.0 (ALPHA) -- extensions for MOUNT, FORWARD, DNS, Win32, etc.
  10/24-17:39 . 1373 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.6.0.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Oct 24 16:20 JST 2001 T
OpenITx Partnering Opportunity
  10/26-05:45 . 1374  "Michelle Stanton" <> [48]
  Dear Content Editor/Webmaster, The reason I am contacting you is that your Web site,, is one that draws a similar audience to OpenITx, OpenITx is a pe
irc protocol support
  10/26-17:53 . 1375  "Kestutis Kruzikas" <> [31]
  You have created a nice proxy, but where is irc protocol support :) ? It would be nice to have one..
Trying to Access FTP.DELEGATE.ORG
  10/27-21:50 . 1376  Damian McGuckin <> [44]
  I tried to login to pull down the source code and the login ftp failed and yet, the functionally equivalent anonymous worked. I have never found the above 2 methods t
Downloading Delegate
  10/28-00:26 . 1377  Damian McGuckin <> [21]
  I tried on another machine with a very up-to-date version of FTP and I can download DeleGate. My guess is has something do with '500 PASV is disabled' which I assume means that Passive Mode being di
Trying to Access FTP.DELEGATE.ORG
  10/29-09:56 . 1378 (Yutaka Sato) [80]
  I tried it and I succeeded to login in both case equivalently. (1) 220- delegate.a02 PROXY-FTP server (DeleGate/7.6.0) ready. 220- @ @ 220- ( - ) { DeleGate/7.6.0 (October 24, 2001) } USER ftp 331-
  10/29-13:19 . 1379  Damian McGuckin <> [78]
  Sato-san, Thank you very much for your quick reply. Sorry, I did not explain properly. They both achieve a login but you get the following message immediately after login 230- Guest login ok, your E
  10/29-15:16 . 1380 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  Maybe it is because of connection timeout. The logfile records data-connection trials with your hosts like follows: 10/27 21:29:14.36 [16081] 2263+0: FTP-LOCAL: connecting to client's PORT 192,84,23
  10/29-15:20 . 1381 (Yutaka Sato) [54]
  I'm running the FTP-DeleGate for FTP.DELEGATE.ORG with a parameter "AUTH=anonftp:smtp-vrfy" <URL:> which requires valid E-mail address as a password f
io timeout in both directions?
  10/30-16:01 . 1382  "Mike State" <> [13]
  Let me first say that your DeleGate server is really excellent!!! Now a quick question... I'm using the TCPRELAY to connect a client to a server and am wondering if the TIMEOUT=io:90 will timeout in
  10/31-02:55 . 1383 (Yutaka Sato) [151]
  [Manual.htm] TIMEOUT=io specify the generic timeout caused when no data tranmission is done via DeleGate in the period. Thus when relaying between a client and a server, it timeouts when no transmis
Rpm builds of DeleGate-7.5.4
  10/31-03:09 . 1384  unspawn <> [19]
  L.S., mr Sato, For anyone interested I have prepared .rpm builds of DeleGate-7.5.4. Information can be found at and the md5sums are 0067d7000ba35c64d
io timeout in both directions?
  10/31-11:51 . 1385 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
  Sorry, the name of timeout is not "silent" but "silence" as the patch do. It is used as TIMEOUT=silence:60 for example. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <>
DeleGate/7.6.1 (ALPHA) -- extensions for filtering HTTP headers and HTML tags, etc.
  11/01-14:27 . 1386 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: SITE: FILE: delegate7.6.1.tar.{gz,bz2} DATE: Nov 1 14:06 JST 2001 TA
Time Outs
  11/02-05:23 . 1387  "Torben Janssen" <> [25]
  Hello, I played a bit with delegate and have one problem where i can't find a solution. I start delegate with delegated DGROOT=/var/cache/delegate CACHEDIR=/var/cache/delegate/cache LIBPATH=/var/cac
  11/02-07:15 . 1388 (Yutaka Sato) [23]
  Hi, Could you show me the whole error message including the reason of the error? Since I've not heard such problem, something special might be in your situation... Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <y.
RFC1123 violation w/ delegate SMTP-SMTP
  11/02-15:18 . 1389  "Peter Bauer" <> [1452]
  Hi, I think I discovered a "Bug", or better: a protocol violation, when using delegate as a SMTP-to-SMTP gateway. The outgoing SMTP data stream appends the delegate version to the HELO command, whic
  11/02-16:35 . 1390 (Yutaka Sato) [85]
  Hi, Adding DeleGate's version was a trial to inform the client side software to help shooting delivery trouble ... At that time I did not know a SMTP implementation which cause a troble with the ext
Time Outs
  11/02-18:06 . 1391  Torben Janssen <> [96]
  Hi, thanks for your quick answer. The errormessage: Cannot Connect Connection failed by DeleGate on `' Tried from the client to the server http://www.le
  11/02-18:33 . 1392 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
  Both the error message and the following log seem to show that TCP connection is not possible from your host of DeleGate to the host of the destination server. Are you sure that you can connect to t
Wingate Server and Delegate
  11/04-00:42 . 1393 (Fadi Towfic) [16]
  Hi, Thanks for your time, the Delegate server is very helpful for Network admins/Home users! I am currently dual booting between Windows 98SE and Redhat Linux 7.1. I use Wingate Server to share my i
Time Outs
  11/04-20:43 . 1394  "Torben Janssen" <> [68]
  Hi, you're right. The delegate server can't connect to these sites. It's very strange, but it seems to be not a delegate bug. thank you very much. I'll try to find the problem so I can use delegate
Wingate Server and Delegate
  11/05-04:58 . 1395 (Yutaka Sato) [14]
  Sorry but I know nothing about WinGate thus I don't know how to make DeleGate to act like it... Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) National In
Transparent Proxy & delegate
  11/08-03:32 . 1396  Attilio Vaccaro <> [13]
  Hi, is it possible to use delegate as a transparent SOCKS proxy? What I would like to do is to have a delegate daemon running on a firewall manage the traffic coming from a private subnet and resend
  11/08-12:49 . 1397 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
  will do. Cheers, Yutaka @ @ Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) _< >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsuku
  11/08-13:03 . 1398 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
  Or more simply the following will do. In both case, note that you may have to sepcify a PERMIT parameter or so to give access permission to the clients if they are on networks which is not connected
  11/09-16:26 . 1399  Attilio Vaccaro <> [68]
  Thanks for your answer, but I fear that it's not what I'm looking for. I'd need to send to the SOCKS server all the SOCKSable traffic passing through the gateway running delegate, but not directed t
  11/12-18:33 . 1400  Emmanuel Cerisier <> [99]
  Hi Yutaka, I couldn't get trough posting to your ML, so I send directly this query to, hoping you'll approve it and post it to the newsgroup/ML. Thanks, Regards Emmanuel Cerisi
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