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[DeleGate-En] Re: Ftp problem
24 Sep 1998 18:25:09 GMT Robert Szabo <>

Dear Yutaka!

You have been solved the problem with ftp-patch! :))))

I was fascinated, how fast You wrote, and how efficient 
was Your solution!!!!

You're excellent programmer. Congratulation!

> The log file sent from you shows that the host of your client
> supports the authentication by "IDENTification protocol" [RFC1413].
> In your case, access restriction like RELIABLE=""
> will satisfy your needs.

I think Squid has a very good method of authenticate of users. 
If you make a password file with the apache_passw_maker (or something 
like this) (it is in apache package), and configure the squid to use 
this file, you could exclude or allow users.

This would be good, if Delegated could support it.

I realy need a method of any authentikateing.
You mentioned, RELIABLE=""  method, but my users
can seat to any machine so I should list all the users with all the 
computers. It's horrible, becouse more than 120 users and 100 computers
are hier. 

Thank, You for all your help
Robert Szabo

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