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[DeleGate-En] Re: Opera socks!!
02 Dec 2006 11:19:14 GMT "Mat Moot" <>

Thanx, I appreciate your reply...this did work..

Opera is basically a browser which i am using sometimes instead of IE or FF.
The funny thing is that they included a bittorrent client built-in in the
new version of the browser, but did not bother to include support for socks
proxies like any other decent browser...!!!

Another question please, there is this website which I visit from time to
time, and we are not allowed to use proxies…now when I use socks proxy in IE
nobody is able to tell if it was direct connection or through a proxy…I made
this conclusion by visiting where they check for the proxy
used, and they were not able to identify the proxy that I am using…

Now when I use the command that you suggested last time, the site was able
to say what version of delegate I am using…so it seems this info is handled
by the software that uses the proxy not the proxy itself…

Is there any way where I can eliminate such info about the proxy??

Thanx in advance,

On 12/2/06, Yutaka Sato <> wrote:
> On 12/01/06(19:39) you "Mat Moot" <> wrote
> in <_A3585@delegate-en.ML_> (nntp://
> |As you may know Opera does not support socks proxies, so the only way for
> me
> |to do that was either through using sockscap or something similar (which
> |causes some problems to my system) or maybe (and correct me if I am
> wrong)
> |through creating two delegate instances (http, and socks) and forward all
> |the data that reaches the http to the
> socks〓〓〓瘤〓〓〓〓苺〓〓鼈阯〓辣〓〓〓頏關纈〓〓〓闕轣鈔〓〓〓粹〓〓癆真
> 〓〓彦〓鈿〓齦鱚〓〓葹〓∀鞳鱇〓蜩〓碯〓蜀〓蜚〓蜩〓〓挽墅〓竚蜈銓〓瘤〓〓葹〓〓〓〓鈬繖〓蜩〓〓〓鱚赱〓胙闕〓〓挽墅≒鳫〓〓〓繻綰癆〓鴣銕蜴〓闔〓〓〓竟鶯〓8宛〓肬〓纔瘢韭紿〓〓〓〓嗜男〓黼鴟纈〓〓〓銕蜴〓闔〓〓〓囂站麋闢〓碓鍵〓肬〓纔瘢韭紿〓〓〓〓竢迯瘤〓鼈阨趙〓矼〓跚諷〓〓蜩〓〓〓〓粤跂艨〓〓〓鍵鍵〓單雙賭処〓〓嗜男喀囂站麋闢〓碓鍵〓〓宙繞鴦〓〓摯〓諱〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓摯〓諱〓噤〓〓樹〓黶〓絶繻繚癆絎闥臂〓蔗〓痕〓粤跂艨〓〓闥膀〓黶〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓〓令〓闔瘡〓侮齡蜚〓〓〓閹〓槍〓瘤竇〓侮糒齡鱸瘡〓噬蜈釿〓瘤〓壹竏鈿跫苹〓濕〓〓〓醤〓鵜鵜〓寫纎闔鍖〓夾〓謨矚〓〓浮癇瘠薔〓外記元狂〓捕鞜〓弟〓〓〓迴鱚〓〓蜚〓〓〓跂齠〓〓〓速〓弐跛纈〓〓〓

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