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[DeleGate-En] POP Proxy peculiarity
10 Feb 2006 12:40:28 GMT Andrew Shika <>


Delegetate is a fine piece of software. I have configured an HTTP,SMTP and SOCKS proxy fine but i came acroess this problem when I tried to configure the POP proxy:

The users have usernames in the format : user@host.. Initialy I configured Delegate like this
delagated -P110 server=pop  MOUNT=" * pop://servername/*". 
This did not work as delegate used the host part of the email to connect to the rmeote POP server so I tried fater i re-read the docs to have a default server for a specific user
delegated -P110 server=pop MOUNT=" user  pop://servername/*"
Delegate strangle, after this modification and other  mount options that rewrite the target host server, still uses the host part of user@host to connect to the target server. 

How can i resolve this problem?

Thanks in advance

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